• Katelyn Polischuk


Let me start off by introducing myself: My name is Katelyn Polischuk. I am an actor, writer, musician - and yes, a waitress - from the heart of the Canadian prairies. I am starting this blog because I am about to officially graduate with bachelor's degrees in English and Acting from the University of Saskatchewan. Since I can no longer use "I'm a student" as an excuse for not pursuing and achieving my professional and creative goals, I figured I should find a way to hold myself accountable. Creating a public record of my progress seemed like a good way to do that, and hopefully, we may learn a few things along the way together.

You can expect to see an eclectic range of topics covered here: professional developments, behind the scenes progress reports for upcoming shows and projects, life updates, as well as more personal entries on whatever I feel passionate about in the moment (like current events, books, movies, travel, pets, plants, etcetera). Thanks for reading, and I hope you will continue to join me as I attempt to emerge fully into adulthood while staying true to myself and my art.

Hey, it's me!

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